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“...An expression and style that is very personal and effective...writes with imagination and inventiveness...”

– Frederick A. Fox, Composer

“...A gorgeous voice...”

– Colette Rice, Soprano

...Dawn’s work is imaginative and adventurous. She performs with unbreakable commitment and is like nothing you’ve ever seen or heard before...

– Jeremiah Davis, Actor

“...I have spent nearly 15 years in the performing arts, working with all the major dance and opera companies in the world, and the level of artistry shown by Dawn Williams is equal to performers of world status... I have always been struck by her total enthusiasm in whatever part she is performing... She makes the audience aware of her presence by the grace and presence she brings to her role...”

– Cherryl C. Holt, Dancer

“...I have come across Dawn Williams’ art by chance but keep returning to it with keen interest. The combination of a gorgeous voice, innovative music, and perhaps above all the experimentation in the interplay of out-of-the-way languages and human voice, is quite unique. Like Pierre Henry, de Saussure, and Christa Ludwig blended into one charming person...”

– Emmanuel Amiot, Mathematician

“...Her music encompasses the epitome of thought and sensitivity to musical detail. Ms. Williams’ works are evoking and allow the listener to explore the boundaries of vocal production...”

– Terrance D. Brown, Baritone

“...I have worked with Dawn on several of her vocal recitals and it was really exciting. She is a complete musician, not only a graceful and outstanding promoter of modern music, but also an inspiration for all of the musicians she is working with... She experiments with her voice, with her composition techniques, with the languages she is singing, and ultimately with the very concept of thought/emotion expressed through music... During all these rehearsals and recitals I could easily see how she interprets and moves with ease through a vast repertoire and a large range of styles, from Classical, Romantic, and Modern to her own compositions. I hope her example of professionalism, music experimentation, and brave encouragement of contemporaneous music will be followed by more musicians...”

– Lucian Zidaru, Pianist

“...Each [vocal] piece is beautiful and evocative, and each perfectly reflects the text that serves as its basis. Too, the simplicity and clarity of the vocal lines – and the restrained use of the underlying instrumental ‘accompaniments’ (where present) – contributes to the sense of elegance and refinement that characterizes all of the works. I am particularly taken with Senet – it has a certain allure that draws the listener into her sound world and that makes him/her want to hear more... As a performer, her voice is rich and lustrous – her singing is absolutely gorgeous... A woman of endless talents...”

– Claude Baker, Composer

...Dawn Williams’ incredibly wide vocal range and exceptional technique enable her to explore the full gamut of sounds that can be produced by the human voice in her music. Her imaginative approach to composition provides a broad and refreshing variety of music in all of her recital performances...

– Glenn Walden, Musicologist

“...Dawn Williams is a fearless performer whose unique, dark tones lend themselves easily to the sensuality and strength demanded in the contralto repertoire...”

– Leanne Pettit, Mezzo-Soprano

“...Dawn Williams is always a joy to watch onstage as she presents fully-committed performances of meticulously prepared pieces. Her rich voice fits the style of her compositions, and I always look forward to watching her perform. It’s also a joy performing with her on the stage, as she brings a unique and intelligent musical insight into each piece that she performs...”

– Clay Smith, Baritone

...Dawn Williams’ music is truly unique, a wonderful blend of imagination, original use of language, and clever instrumentation, qualities that her own interpretations highlight to great effect...

– Andreas Giger, Musicologist

“...Highly dramatic...”

– Ernest Shult, Mathematician

“...I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Dawn on the opera stage and have also been a part of some of her recording projects. Her performances are intelligent and thoughtful as is her music. ‘WOW what a difference’ Dawn has made on all of us who have been a part of her opera performances, recitals, and compositions...”

– Brandon Hendrickson, Baritone

“...[An] extremely talented composer and mezzo..."

– Judith Lee Baxter, Advisor

“...Dawn Williams is a composer/performer with training and inclinations that are both operatic and contemporary/experimental. Her compositions are sonic and theatrical environments that may (like life experiences outside the concert hall) be brief or extensive, funny or enigmatic, alarming or enticing – or all of these in turn or together. She has assembled a unique vocabulary of gesture, sound, and stagecraft that rewards extended exposure and deep listening/viewing...”

– Jeffrey Perry, Music Theorist and Composer

“...Dawn Williams’ interest in exploring the musicality of language is truly unique...”

– Charles Haarhues, Composer

“...Williams’ concerts are always imaginative, fun, eclectic, and entertaining. A mezzo-contralto, her stylistic range is broad: from performing arias from Carmen to her own postmodern works. Her Poèmes d’Amour demonstrates successfully the many compositional and vocal techniques she employs even in short songs. Her Surge, for audience participation, is reminiscent of an activity one would encounter in childhood at a campfire gathering: vocalizing or making physical sounds (like clapping or stomping), using loud and soft dynamics, to evoke a one-time-only sonic experience and to allow everyone to be a musician at the concert. Her Baïlèro is a wonderful combination of compositional techniques – folksinging, vocalizations, aleatory, and singing into a megaphone – and choreography...”

– Melissa Goldsmith, Musicologist

“...Dawn’s recitals are always exciting, provoking, filled with innovative and creative compositions. Her prepared piano pieces in particular awaken the musical mind to a more modern taste...”

– Tiffany Bostic, Soprano

“...A totally unique and original composer and performer...”

– Mayumi Yotsumoto, Soprano

...A beautiful voice producing an astounding collection of sounds in intriguing arrangement, rhythm, and form...

– Robert Perlis, Mathematician

“...The basis of great art is communication, and Dawn Williams is a master communicator. Her compositions and performances are languages unto themselves, through which she expresses the most profound ideas. Her remarkable intelligence and imagination, together with her abundant talent and meticulous attention to detail, contribute to an experience that transports her audience to new levels. Dawn Williams is one of those artists who come along only once in an age, because their work ushers in a new age...”

– Robert Peck, Composer, Music Theorist, and Cellist