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(Speaker and Prepared Piano)


Aset wert mut-netsher nebt Au-req

Isis the great, mother of God, lady of Philae,

Hemt-netsher duat-netsher jert-netsher

Wife of God, adorer of God, hand of God,

Mut-netsher hemt-nesu wert

Mother of God, great royal spouse,

Sekret nebt chekru ahet

Adornment and lady of the ornaments of the Temple,

Nebt abu akhekhet

Lady whom the green fields desire,

Amtyy meha ahet ma neferuas

Nurturer whose beauty fills the Temple,

Adet ahet henut reshut

Fragrance of the Temple, mistress of delight,

Atshyyt gest ma set-netshryyt

Who performs her processional in the Divine Place,

Agept urkh akht ma skhedas

Rain cloud that makes fields green by her descent,

Sheryet benert merut henut net shemau mehu

Maiden, sweet with love, lady of Upper and Lower Egypt,

Aret medu ma-chenu Pesjet

Who rules among the divine Ennead,

Seshematu her set-ras

On whose command one governs,

Aryyt-pat wert-hesut nebt aamet

Princess, greatly praised, lady of charm,

Khenmest khentas teftef ma antyyu waj

Whose hair and face are trickled with fresh myrrh.

– Transcription and translation by Dawn K. Williams